Dear Diary….Day 13….of the 27 things for 27 days challenge….

I’ve been putting off tackling my bedroom.

But if it was going to happen then today had to be the day.

I have a plan for how I want it to look.  I won’t copy the picture, but use it as inspiration.

picture from Sherwin Williams Stir magazine

Here’s what I’ve done so far – The Basics

  1. took advantage of the white sales. Purchased a lightweight comforter.
  2. Added a new memory foam mattress topper
  3. added protective pillow covers to the pillows
  4. flipped the mattress

Here’s what I already have that will work in my plan – Find things you already have

  1. Ralph Lauren sheets, shams and duvet cover that I’ve collected.
  2. White lamps with brown silk shades ( seem to work wherever I’ve put them)
  3. Vintage mahogany dresser needs a paint job (picked out the paint color and purchased the knobs a while ago)
  4. Henredon headboard needs to be raised by 8″.  I’ll have to try this myself – I have a plan.
  5. Wingback chair needs a slip cover – I’ll check my stash for some fabric.
  6. Change lamp on dresser – will need a new shade
  7. Find some new prints for the walls or see if I have something that I already have.
  8. Hang the drapes from my previous home.  may need to purchase some sheers.

    Problem – need more storage in bedside tables for reading and writing materials.

Practical overrules Pretty , but look for something with drawers that has a “decidedly French Flair”. 
Donate anything you don’t have a place for.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the pictures above, I’ve already changed the charming Asian lamp for the marble one, and just put a different shade on it.  I like that the shade tells a romantic story, and the lamp has a more French style.  ( I had been thinking about selling that lamp and shade, but just couldn’t bring myself to it).


Since I’ve already cleaned and organized my closet, and dresser drawers, there was one more major action needed before I continue with my plan.  This one can go under the heading, Basics.

Today, I shampooed the carpet, dusted, and wiped down the base-boards, and washed the windows and the sills.  Then, I took a nap!

I also switched the sewing machine with the dresser.

Feng Shui cure :  I moved the bed over enough so my feet no longer point toward the door.   ( in feng shui, they say, you’re carried out the door feet first when you die)  Not quite ready for that, so I moved it over about 5 inches.

I also removed the area rug, and now the space feels more open and I have an area to do some yoga!

Tip:  I used furniture movers to help me with the move. I just placed the little disks under the legs of the furniture, and it made it so easy to move things around.


So, that’s my process when dissecting and planning a room.  I hope this helps you in your room plans.  The only thing that I haven’t done is draw a floorplan.  That is something that I recommend if you are planning to purchase new furniture and need to work on the flow of your room.


A work in Progress!


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How many of us long for our own comfy cottage in the woods? I know I do! We can make our own comfy cottage, right here, right now, no matter where we live. I'm a mother of two, grandmother of two boys, interior designer who thinks out-of-the-box, up cycler, and interested in just about anything related to living comfortably and finding contentment, connecting with the Great Spirit in the natural world and respect for all beings who walk the earth.

6 thoughts on “Dear Diary….Day 13….of the 27 things for 27 days challenge….”

    1. I’ll have to send you my green smoothie recipe. The more decluttering that I do, the more energy I seem to have. Crazy, I know. I do rest, have a cuppa, and it’s a process that happens over a period of many weeks. That’s why I love the 27 day concept so much. It gives you plenty of time to work on every area. I keep finding more stuff that needs work. And I’m getting better at letting things go.


  1. Love it! The inspiration room is gorgeous. Now I understand what you meant by your comment….the way I jump into a project ha-ha. Maybe I should look into your 27 day concept….with the kitchen thing going on. Can’t wait to see more.


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