Hawaiian Cottage series

Do you ever just take a drive to look at all of the  old houses?  The ones that were built before the Baby Boom?  You can definitly feel the charm of a slower time, when the builders took their time to really create something special.




What is it that makes these  homes feel so special that they make us want to stop what we are doing and take it all in? The heart starts racing and we feel a longing deep in our soul.



These cottages have a dreamy like quality.  I want to know who has lived there?  Who built that fence out of lava rock?

imageWhat makes these special to the land where they sit?  The craftsmen have used Nature’s elements.


Check out the eyebrow over the entrance porch.  How many days were spent there in quiet contemplation?


Arched windows were the norm.

imageTrees were respected as part of the landscape.

imageHawaiian cottages in Manoa.  What do you like about a cottage?


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How many of us long for our own comfy cottage in the woods? I know I do! We can make our own comfy cottage, right here, right now, no matter where we live. I'm a mother of two, grandmother of two boys, interior designer who thinks out-of-the-box, up cycler, and interested in just about anything related to living comfortably and finding contentment, connecting with the Great Spirit in the natural world and respect for all beings who walk the earth.

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