The low-down on choosing white paint


Before I get started , I just wanted to show you the piece that inspired the pattern on my Armoire, in the Big Reveal…



The first time I visited the Beach Cottage, I fell in love with these ivory inlaid dressers.


I could only dream to own one of these.  And I still want to redo a small chest of drawers like this one day soon.


So, back to our topic.  The low-Down on choosing white paint.


There seems to be much controversy over choosing the “correct” white paint.

Well,I’ d like to simplify all of that, once and for all.

Whether you are painting walls, furniture, or your floor boards and ceiling, there is one white that seems to be a win-win.

Now, mind you, I didn’t always think this way.  But after numerous times looking through paint decks for a white that would coordinate with any of the other colors that I might be working with, I always ended up coming back to the same white.

As a new designer, back in the 90’s, I would disagree with contractors who insisted on this white.  I would stand and argue my point for hours. What?? One white can’t work for everything!

Finally, I had to say “UNCLE!” and I came around to their way of thinking , which ended up making so much sense in the long run.

Now, every brand of paint makes the color “Swiss Coffee”.  Swiss Coffee is a creamy, chameleon – like white that blends well with any color you put it next to.

It is the standard white chosen among building contractors and p ainters.

In fact, it has garnered such a reputation that shutter and blind companies use the same swiss coffee white on their brands, though sometimes the name can be changed.

So, if you have to paint something white, especially architectural trim, and you plan to add shutters or blinds – Go for the Swiss coffee.  It’s and easy, go – to – white with a no-fail attitude.

I guarantee you won’t be dissappointed.

This has become, my go-to no-fail-white for many years.

Have you spent nights without sleep trying to choose the right paint?

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Comments are appreciated.  What’s your take on choosing a white paint?  Has it left you in a muddle? Tell me about it!


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3 thoughts on “The low-down on choosing white paint”

  1. How timely this specific subject is! We are needing to repaint baseboards, door trim, doors, window sills… but not the ceiling. All white. I was beginning to get overwhelmed with just the idea of trying to match the white. When we remodeled the house in Orangevale, I remember now the Swiss Coffee name. Seems like it was ordered in an egg shell finish. We don’t have any crown moulding in this house, and there is not any trim that butts up against the white ceiling. Maybe the Swiss Coffee will work. 🙂


    1. For trim and cabinets, a semi-gloss finish is best. And it’s easy to clean. You won’t be sorry with Swiss Coffee, as it will work with whatever colors you use on the walls.


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