The Big Reveal: Room Reset Challenge and Bonus Tutorial at the end

I wanted to get the Big Reveal out before I go on my trip. ( More about that later).  If you remember, or have been following along,  I answered a challenge to Re-set a room.  I chose the Dining room.


It was a dark, dreary, and rarely used room.  It just kindof sat there, all alone, needing some attention.


It was an area that gathered alot of junk!


My goal was to lighten it, brighten it, and in general to breathe new life into the little corner ( which by-the-way, is also my relationship corner in Feng Shui).  This corner definitely needed a boost!


I started with the window treatment.  I wanted to maintain the privacy while letting as much light into the room as possible.


I also updated a couple of road-side-rescues along the way.  Painted 6 chairs, reupholstered, and painted the table a lighter color.


I also, painted this 100 year old armoire, after much deliberation, only to discover that it wanted more than just a coat of white paint!  And it wanted to keep it’s wrinkles, and continue to show it’s age. It had earned it, by gollies! ( I used Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint in Linen) Purchased locally at The Treasured Home.


It definitely lightened and brightened the room, and I would say, it gave it a “Decidedly French Look”!




Working with a budget of “Little-to-None”,  I splurged on the orchids so that I could do this arrangement that I had been wanting to do for the longest time.  I already had the beautiful vintage container, and most of the other supplies. The vintage table cloth is one that I had, and it adds just the right amount of color to the room, coordinating, but not matching, like the English do so well.



And I can easily set it aside on my little decoupaged table that I finally finished.  I used napkins to do the table, and I will show you more of these in another post.




Finished just in time for Valentine’s Day!  Will you be mine?



Stay with me for the Tutorial on how to make your own orchid arrangement in a vintage container.


First you’ll need to gather your supplies:  hot glue gun, serrated knife, wire cutter, scissors ( not shown), moss, vintage container, floral foam, 1-3 orchids ( depending on the size of your container) I used 3, and orchid leaves with root ( if you can’t find these, ask your floral designer, as sometimes they hide these, and they are crucial to your arrangement.


I found this one at the Salvation Army.  As you can see, it has aged beautifully, has lots of crazing, and stains.  Just the way I like it!


I used two of these.


I used three of these. I cut the stems a little shorter than usual for my purpose of having on a dining room table.  Typically, you would want to leave the stem a little longer.


Cut your foam to fit your container.  Save all the pieces because later you may need them to fill some holes.


I glued the foam for the bottom, then flipped it over. I wanted to avoid gluing directly onto the porcelain, as it is old and fragile, and could break.  Continue to build your foam gradually….



Fill in the holes with leftover scraps of foam….Glue them in place….


For the stems, measure your length, and cut accordingly…Insert them into the foam.  I made mine all facing the same way, as I only wanted a one-sided arrangement.


Place the leaves on the outside of the middle flower, and go deep into the foam.  The leaves should sit close to the surface of the foam.





Bend your leaves out to see how they will balance with the flowers….pull the roots up prior to adding the moss….


Hot glue all of the places where you inserted the stems to secure them in place, once you are happy with the placement.



Start adding moss while the glue is still wet, adding more glue and moss as you go….


I like a variety of mosses.  And the smell of the moss takes you away to the forest.  I love it!



Just in time for Spring!

Note:  If you want to use taller stems for your orchids, you will want to get some willow branches and secure the orchid stems to them for additional support and style.

If you liked this tutorial, and would like to see more, please make a comment, and sign up so that you don’t miss a post.

Thank you for visiting Cottage Necessities! See you next time.




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