Room Re-set challenge part 4

I almost cried at the thought of painting this 100 year old armoire.


I felt like I had to ask it’s permission.


It had served me for so many years ~ as a pantry,a linen closet,  a sewing room closet, and now it holds kitchen appliances and crafting supplies.


It had sustained some terrible repair jobs ( don’t use gorilla glue to repair furniture! yikes!), and a few extra scratches during moving, but it always stood tall, ready to help in keeping things tidy, while the kids were growing up.


It knew that I was working on this Room Re-set Challenge for my dining room.  The beautiful dark mahogany with the beautiful patina had survived for many years.


And now it was agreeing to my experiment. The first time I had used Milk Paint in years!  And there was no certainty in how it might turn out!  It could reject the milk paint and all of it would chip off!

Knowing that the milk paint was no V.O.C. ( volatile organic compound) made it breathe easier.

And trusting me to see it through to the end, helped it relax into the transformation.


I started out gingerly….and once it was completely covered, I let it rest over-night.


I know, I’m painting right in the same room where it sits!  That’s because I have no other place to do this.  That’s the good thing about Milk Paint; no strong smells.

I painted the inset panels a slightly darker color, and used Miss Mustard Seed Linen for the whole piece.


Look at that nice crackle effect!  That was happening naturally.

As the days followed, I had more time to observe and notice how it was doing.  In some places, more paint had come off than I had wanted.  So, I went over those places again, until I had no paint left.

Even though, it knew it was American made, it had longed for a little French Flair, some distinguishing marks, something to give it more presence!

And I said; “Mais Oui!”

And Voila! ~


Not only did it lighten, brighten, and quieten the room!


It had gained a new confidence, a “je ne sais quoi” quality, and it stood tall and strong for many more years.

Please stay tuned for the Big Reveal! When I show you how the entire room turned out!

Comments appreciated!

Je ne sais quoi = Cannot quite put my finger on it.

I used Kim Myles Morrocon stencils, in combination with some others that I had for the stencil design.

And that my friends, is a Cottage Necessity!





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How many of us long for our own comfy cottage in the woods? I know I do! We can make our own comfy cottage, right here, right now, no matter where we live. I'm a mother of two, grandmother of two boys, interior designer who thinks out-of-the-box, up cycler, and interested in just about anything related to living comfortably and finding contentment, connecting with the Great Spirit in the natural world and respect for all beings who walk the earth.

One thought on “Room Re-set challenge part 4”

  1. What a great story!!!
    It’s wonderful to have an old fren like your here. Milk paint, hmmmm will follow up on this one dearest Lorna.
    Your magic is always so inspiring 😀 We do love those stencils don’t we girl❓


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