It’s time to come clean on slipcover madness….

I’ve given slipcovers alot of thought.  Nowadays, I see them everywhere, and like many others, I love them!

Chrysteen's slipcovers 005

They can change the look of the room, the piece of furniture can take on a new life, and you can take them off and clean them!

Chrysteen's slipcovers 002

Now here’s a good example of a piece of furniture that could use a slipcover!

Lorna's pix 002

This is an Ethan Allen sofa.  It has good “bones”, has been sitting in a sunroom, taking a beating on the fabric which is beginning to shred.  Who in their right mind would want this old thing?  you may be asking yourself.

New look 007

This was before my slipcover madness set in.  I picked up this beautiful Ready-made, Damask slipcover for $15. and it fit the bill at the time.  I have to say that this sofa was one of the most comfortable sofas that I have ever sat on!  When I moved from Long Beach, I had my upholsterer pick it up, and as things go, I never saw it again.  ( It was only because, I had no way to get it home).  But, I did keep the chair…..

new chair 003

This chair is still with me, and everyone loves this chair. ( photo shows it just in from the upholsterer’s and the string on the bottom holding the ruffle down. ) I had him add the ruffle, rather than the pleated skirt.

Oh, but you say, that I am getting off the subject of slipcovers, etc. Just a note, that a previously owned piece of upholstered furniture can be given a new life, just the same, and that an older piece of furniture has had a chance to “gas off” from the flame retardants that are put into them, so in my opinion, they are less toxic, and often better made, than a brand new piece of furniture.  Plus, it’s ecologically friendly to reuse, recycle, redefine.  Back to slipcovers……which fall under the same category of less toxic….

pillows and more 334

Here’s a great example of a chair that will survive many more years of love, with either a new upholstry job, or a slipcover.  I had the legs refinished previously.

New look 005

In it’s first incarmation, I took the easy route, and purchased a pre-made slipcover from a well known company.  As you can see, it was not the perfect fit, but served a purpose for a while. And I could wash it!

slipcover 007

When I found this vintage Ralph Lauren Fabric ( which by the way, a vintage RL was used on the ruffle chair) I knew it was the perfect choice for a new slipcover….. so, I prewashed the fabric……

slipcover 004

This was my first attempt at making one myself. The basic idea, is to make it inside-out.   I do not recommend using a pattern fabric for your first slipcover, like I did, as it is more difficult, if you are into perfection, which I am not. So I’m okay with the way this one turned out.

slipcover 005

As you can see, my patterns are a little wobbly, but this is another comfortable chair, that I will enjoy for a very long time.  And, everyone seems to migrate to this good old girl when they come to visit.        Now, for my most recent …….

sailboat sofa 002

A neighbor gave me this old settee when they moved.  This is my design.  I call it the “Sailboat Sofa”, because I used the cutest sailboat fabric, and coordinated it with a stripe, and red piping, and added nailheads, just because I love them.  I will always have my Sailboat Sofa, but that doesn’t mean that it cannot enjoy other outfits!

It has donned the Damask slipcover for a while.


And now, that it has found a new home, it needed a facelift……


So, after looking everywhere for the right fabric, that also fit into my budget, I found some white slipcover remnants in the Ikea bins.  They are just to the left of the check out stands, where they have all of the mark downs.  Here is what I found;

2 bases, 5 partial cushions, and a couple of random ( arms) all in the same white slipcover denim that I had been looking for.  Being the person who likes to do things the easy way, finding shortcuts if I can, to make my life easier, this was the perfect solution.  To be honest, I was kindof dreading making a slipcover for the sofa, but wanted one so badly.  Do you know the feeling?  So, I took all of my items home, ( about $40. worth) and began ripping seams, saving every piece of piping, zipper, etc. so that I could put this one together, and make it work for my Sailboat Sofa.


I put it on wrong side out, and it basically fit, except for the back.  It needed to have the camel-back shape, and I had to piece the back as you can see in this picture.  My settee was also a little shorter, so I had to take it in, in a couple of places.


Once I had that sewn, I had to make the bench cushion.( a bench cushion, is one single cushion that goes all the way across the seat).  So, I saved one of the longest pieces for the top, and pieced the back side with three pieces.


Sorry that my photos are so dark!   Anyway, I put a throw on the back, and a couple of new PB pillows that I bought with a gift certificate ( so they ended up costing me about $7.) And

Voila!  It was done.

P.S.  I will be posting more pictures of my new slipcovered sofa in future posts, with hopefully better lighting.

Please come back again, as I show you my dining room finale from the room reset challenge.

Cottage Necessites….








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5 thoughts on “It’s time to come clean on slipcover madness….”

  1. Anyone who can make patterns from scratch and/or take something already made and remake it into something else… bravo! Marla can do this also. You two must come by it naturally because Gramma B used to clothe her children this way. 🙂


    1. I was intimidated from making slipcovers until I found Miss Mustard Seeds Tutorial on youtube, that takes you step-by-step in making a slipcover. She is such a great teacher, and makes it easy to understand, and follow. As you can see, it took me a long time before I did it, using lots of ready made slipcovers. The pictures show my house in Long Beach, 2 in N. Highlands, and the last one in Sacto. So, it has been a journey. I took the easy way out with the Ikea slipcover, and was lucky to find all the pieces that I did.


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