Part Two:Room Reset Challenge


I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, on the room reset challenge, for my dining room.  In my first post, I talked about the window treatment.


How it had to serve several functions:  Privacy from the outside, while still allowing the maximum amount of light into a room that only has a window on one wall.  It had to have privacy during the daytime, as well as the night.


As soon as the windows were done, I started painting the chairs that I had acquired from a cousin who was cleaning out her garage.  Originally dark green, a color that was popular in the 80’s, and which I still love, the chairs needed to be brightened, and lightened.


I was loving the color, and as you can see, I have no where to paint, except right in the room where the furniture is sitting!


I also started to experiment with the color choices for the table, as it was time it got a new paint job.  I wanted to go with either white, or gray.


I painted two chairs with a small bottle of chalk paint from the hobby store in the color “Cascade”.  So, on my way to the store for another bottle, I passed by these chairs that had been left on the side of the road. After rounding the corner, and having a minute to think about how those chairs had a French Farmhouse look to them, I flipped a quick U-ey, and rounded them up in my backseat!  On the way back, as I took a closer look at the curb where they had been, I also, noticed a table leaf, something that I had wanted for this small table.


As you can see, I didn’t waste any time getting the seats off, and ready for paint.  I was also considering using the Navaho area rug in the new room, but later changed my mind, and decided to go with bare floors.


Distressed painted side dining room chair with burlap sack coffee bag upholstered seat cushion for cottage style home decor; french country; Upcycle, Recycle, Salvage, diy, thrift, flea, repurpose!  For vintage ideas and goods shop at Estate ReSale & ReDesign, Bonita Springs, FL:

This photo, via Pinterest, was my inspiration for the new chairs.


So using what I had, I started with a drop cloth, some blue painters tape, and the same blue chalk paint that I used on the other two chairs.  I used a sponge applicator, and did a rough, not too perfect application for the stripe, as I wanted it to look worn.


I tried to find some images and easy transfer methods online to use, but with no luck, and anxious to finish the job, I took a coupon to my local hobby store, and purchased this stencil.


I used an acrylic charcoal gray for the letters, and just “pounced” the stencil lightly, so as not to get any globs.


Next, I brewed some fresh coffee, and with a paint brush, I painted the coffee on the entire upholstered seat, to age it.  It made me a little worried, and my family was giving me some strange looks when they saw this!


But after it dried, it had the right amount of patina that I was hoping for.


I decided not to distress it as much as my inspiration picture, and thought that it would achieve that status, over time. So, I just did some light sanding.


Next time, I will share with you how I gave the table a slightly Provencal style, as I realized, that this room, was looking more Provencal, than Farmhouse.  What do you think?


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How many of us long for our own comfy cottage in the woods? I know I do! We can make our own comfy cottage, right here, right now, no matter where we live. I'm a mother of two, grandmother of two boys, interior designer who thinks out-of-the-box, up cycler, and interested in just about anything related to living comfortably and finding contentment, connecting with the Great Spirit in the natural world and respect for all beings who walk the earth.

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