30 Days of Gratitude…Day 16….

Morning Coffee


The great equalizer…

Who doesn’t enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning?

It’s the first thing I do in the morning; make that desired cup of Joe!

The Aroma of Coffee

The aroma just smells like home to me.

Just opening a fresh bag or can sends me into euphoria.  The scent of coffee is welcoming, it lifts the spirit, improves respiration, energizes the body by stimulating the bile ducts, and the mind by improving concentration and the ability to focus.



Coffee makers

How do you get the best cup?

There are so many choices nowadays on how to make the best cup of coffee at home.

Places like Starbucks, Peets, and Dutch Bros. have demystified the making of a good cup, but have brought it to another level by providing so many choices and flavors.  They’ve spoiled us.

I’ve made the choice of making my coffee at home.


My choice is the automatic drip with a paper filter.  It only makes two cups at a time, so you always get freshly brewed coffee.

A little coconut creamer and organic is a must ( coffee is on of the most heavily pesticided products ).

In a household with other adults who love their coffee, there can be more than one coffee maker on the counter.


The man of the house likes his Nepresso with steamed milk froth on top.

He orders his coffee online and has African darks to Italian medium roasts.

Very few can figure out how to make the machine work.


The lady of the house, on the other hand, likes her French press made dark and rich with lots of cream and a little raw sugar, and recently some ghee or clarified butter ( it’s suppose to help with weight loss).

Easy to use, but there’s always a lot of sediment in the bottom of the cup and the coffee cools down in the pot because it’s not heated.

Many people have an entire area dedicated to their coffee, like the liquor bars of old, now we have coffee stations, even coffee garages!


And don’t forget the favorite cup.  At home I have a simple white ironstone cup with a rounded bottom that fits perfectly in my hand and keeps the brew hot. ( I don’t have a picture of it, but it’s a Pottery Barn cup that I found at a thrift shop for twenty-five cents each, and they had eight of them. Suppertime is the name of them)

Do you have a favorite cup?


Coffee as Ritual

If you look forward to having your coffee in the morning or afternoon, and it happens on a daily basis, you may be finding sacred space, just you and the coffee, or with a loved one, where you can gather your thoughts, make your plans, or just talk about your day.

Coffee can stimulate conversation.

Most people have a favorite spot to sit while they sip their fresh brewed coffee.

The Power of Place

The power of place where you drink your coffee is of utmost importance.

If you’ve ever wandered into a Starbucks coffee shop, you can see that they “get” this.  They’ve created some very modern, eclectic spaces for people to enjoy their coffee.



French country kitchen by Lorna


I once decorated a living room in Long Beach in a hundred year old home with the original adobe walls.

We added silk curtains, beautiful tapestry pillows, crystal sconces, talavera tiles to the fireplace surround and two large comfy chairs with arms made of carved wood.


Old World Spanish style home by Lorna


The couple loved the room so much that they chose to have their morning coffee together in that room.  It brought them closer together.



my coffee chair at home



Wherever you are, you can put a little table next to your seat to hold your cup, add some soft lighting, and even a cozy throw in cold weather.

It doesn’t have to be fancy, just comfortable.



Al Fresco dining via FB


How do you like to enjoy your coffee?

I’m so grateful to have coffee in my life, and to know how it has helped so many, in so many different ways.  It is truly a gift from God.

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Some great information here. Thank you.



I seem to Smudge more in the warmer months perhaps due to the opening up of the windows and finally receiving some fresh cool air…

Or the availability of the new buds to pluck along with fresh growth of leaves to snip to start in the drying out process

So during my journey today I began my collecting of some herbs and plants and was looking for some Smudging Prayers to go along with it

I seem to have much better days where things go my way rather than not when I begin everyday with a positive clearing and a simple few words to sayThe Olde Timers call them just a bundle of dried herbs rolled all together and bound with string and they would be correct

We use this traditional Native American practice called Smudge Sticks to purify ourselves our homes and our place of work

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30 Days of Gratitude…Day 17….

How to Simplify Home Decor


I’m no minimalist, but there are ways to simplify one’s décor through the use of a classic color scheme.


By using blue and white with neutrals, as your grounding color, your shopping will be easier, and you can easily move your items from room to room when you need to change things up a bit.


The Basics

First start with a neutral palette, choosing natural woods, neutral flooring like natural fiber rugs, or cow hide as shown above,  white walls ( look here for help in choosing white paint The low-down on choosing white paint) , white flowers or greenery.

Your fabric choices for large surfaces ie. the sofa, chairs, etc.  can be greys, camels, whites.


( Brown can work as long as your wood furniture is not brown, as too much brown can become stagnant and heavy. )




Ikat accent fabrics



Key Fabrics

When shopping for accessories blue and white abounds.

For fabrics, you can mix ombres, ikats, toiles, checks, and stripes together like a pro.


Your blue and white palette joined with warm neutrals will always look fresh and clean.


Don’t forget the metals

Be sure to bring in some metal elements with your lamps, knobs, and accessories.


Whenever you shop it will always be easy to find items that work in your color scheme.



Bring in some Natural elements

A few natural elements can add warmth and that design flair of the unexpected.


Even if you don’t have a “blue and white” thumb for decorating you can simplify your choices.


By choosing a classic color scheme like blue and white for your home, everyone will ask you who your decorator is!


I am grateful for simplicity as it allows my life to flow and leaves room for what I consider most important in my life.


And that my friends, is a Cottage Necessity!

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30 Days of Gratitude…Day 18…

How I get Topics for my Blog….


When I first started blogging, I wondered how I would find enough things to write about.

In every day life, I’m not even that much of a talker,

but if you need some one who will listen, I’m your girl.

In fact, a lot of the topics I blog about, are based on my life long practice of meditation and spirituality, when I originally intended this blog to be about decorating.

Though I believe our spirit and our homes are connected in the most intimate ways.

Here is what I’ve discovered….

Reading Facebook and other blogs will often spring forth an idea or call out a question that needs to be answered.

Projects that I’m working on like crafts, cooking, decorating, and DIY

I will have a dream that sparks an idea.  It’s a good idea to keep a notepad and pen next to the bed.

I might observe a behavior in someone and find a way to relate it to myself.

Reflecting on what is dwelling in my own mind will sometimes point the way.

Just observing what is happening in my own life and how I’m handling things often makes me want to share my highs and lows, my victories and my mistakes.

Some of the deepest conversations, the ones with God, my angels, and guides, will inspire me to do some automatic writing.

Those are the posts that seem to strike a chord, or bring about some healing for some of my readers.

Even meditation on a topic will inspire how to write it and what I need to say in a much more profound way than if I had just kind of “surface” thought it.

If I get an idea and don’t write it down right away, I might lose some of the content that I’d thought of.

Brainstorming topics and making a list for future use.


I’ve only been blogging for a little more than a year and have so much to learn, especially on the technical side.

After having written almost 100 blog posts, I’m finally getting an idea what my purpose in blogging is all about .

I love blogging.  I love being able to speak my mind and at the same time help other people.

We are such multi-faceted beings, and blogging is a way to share a bigger piece of ourselves with the rest of the world.

Blogging is a very intimate form of communication, and even though our words go out into cyber-space, it’s fascinating to be able to reach others all the way around the world, and to be able to feel their essence.

I’m grateful to be able to share this opportunity with so many others. Thank you.

Keep Calm and Blog On…..Lorna

Ascension and Climbing that Ladder

via Daily Prompt: Climbing


Dear Ones,

What can you tell me about the ascension process to help others understand what is happening?

First of all, we will enlighten those who are needing answers on the importance of every day matters.

Step One

Clean eating, wearing natural fiber clothing, eliminating chemicals from your daily activities, will lighten your load for these things cause imbalance and undue stress as they are not compatible with the body’s natural functioning.

( There may be a period of adjustment here, and could take some time.)

Step Two

Preparing the body through physical activity (exercise), drinking plenty of pure water, fresh air, taking deep breaths, and spending more time in the natural world with the sun shining on them.

Step Three

Eliminating clutter and accumulated things from your lives.

Step Four

Walking in a state of gratitude.  Blessing your food and water in order to raise the vibration before taking it into your bodies.

Step Five

Monitoring your thoughts and the words you think and speak every day.

You are creators.

As each word thought, or spoken that we hear is like a prayer or request to the Source of All That Is.

Step Six

Meditation and prayer is key to bringing in more light, for clearing obstacles, and for opening your soul to the Higher Good.

Step Seven

Calling in your helpers, angels, guides, saints, sages for assistance and guidance in staying connected to Pure Source energy.


Light is coming in to the planet to assist you.

These are the steps you must take to climb the ascension ladder.

Your life will shift and change as you go through these steps.

Be gentle

Feel Peace

Act with Love

Thank you    Thank you    Thank you

30 Days of Gratitude….Day 19….


Dear Ones,

Today is Easter, a day of celebration and love.

Jesus, who was an avatar of love, knew that the most profound and memorable way to teach others, was by His own personal example.

He showed us through his compassion that first we need to love ourselves above all else, for how will we ever succeed at loving another, if at first, we haven’t learned how to love ourselves.


Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.



Shakespeare so succinctly understood this in his quote ~

” To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.”


Dying on the cross was an act of love for us, and an act of trust in His Heavenly Father.

He showed His love and compassion up to His last dying breath by saying ~

Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.

He didn’t curse his oppressors.  He continued to show His love.

He trusted his Heavenly Father, that the Divine plan would have the most impact and leave the deepest impression on the future of the world by showing the stark contrast of love and hate, and how through love alone could he rise above the world and regain His seat on the Heavenly Throne.


His life was a series of miracles, healing, generosity, and a deep and loving connection with His Beloved God. For what is God, but Love?  This is the only way that we can find our connection, through love.

My emotions have been stirred with gratitude for the beautiful example that Jesus lived, and I pray that I can follow His example everyday.

Dear Lord Jesus,  I love you for teaching me how to love.

I’m sorry for crucifying you with every senseless act on my fellow human beings.

Please forgive me with your unconditional loving embrace.

Thank you for your omnipresence whenever I call your Name and for guiding me in everything I do.

Om    Peace    Amen

Happy Easter!


30 Days of Gratitude….Day 20….


One of the items on the list for my dream home has always been a swimming pool in the back yard.

Growing up, we had a doughboy pool in the backyard.  A doughboy, sits above ground, has a metal wall and vinyl liner.  I’m not sure if they still make them.

I could spend hours in that pool.

We had many parties in our backyard which was quite large.

There would be badminton, croquet, tree climbing, plenty of food, and of course, we can’t forget to mention the old moose head hanging from the Cottonwood tree that was left by the previous owners.

Cousins and neighbor kids loved the mystery of the moose head.

It was even scary to some.

When I came to Hawaii, having the pool in the backyard was a dream come true.


I’ve come to know my limitations and realized a long time ago that even though I’m on this big island surrounded by ocean and sandy beaches, I much refer not only the privacy of the back yard pool, but also the fact that I can see what I’m sharing the water with.


Usually it’s just bugs.

I’ve become the bee rescuer.

I find a lot of bees belly up in the water, so I get a plumeria leaf and scoop them up and put them in a sunny spot to dry out.

A few might survive from my efforts, even though it’s also for selfish reasons.


The bee’s stinger is still live even if the bee is dead, and I have been stung.  so, its a safety measure as well.

I am grateful to see so many bees in Hawaii.

The bees need fresh water, with no chemicals to drink, so just putting a bowl of water in the garden can help them.

These poor creatures who are trying to survive with us humans would have it a lot easier if we lived in a chemical free world.

They have no where to go, and no choice but to die.


Cottage Mavens,

The bees need our help.

Please put clean water out for the bees this year and use only natural weed killers or just let the grasses grow wild.

Healing plants are known to grow close to where they are needed.

They just know.

Plant some flowers for our pollinators and welcome the bees to your garden.

If you have bees, don’t give them corn syrup – it’s genetically modified and cannot be good for them.



Naturally weathered teak table/bench



Let’s send some love to the bees and thank them for their humble service for they are the reason we have food to share at the table.

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30 Days of Gratitude…Day 21…..


Nature’s color schemes have always fascinated me.

In Hawaii there’s certainly no lack of color.

Though I’m drawn to the softer contrasts, the blues, the greens, the neutral grays, tans, the colors of moss, and bark.



One can experience most all of the colors of the rainbow.

A woman who lives in Hawaii, who is quite intuitive, was riding her bike one day, and as she passed a large bush all abloom with big tropical flowers, she heard the flowers speak to her.

They called out to her ” Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate! 


Wherever we are, we can Celebrate natural creation in all of it’s beauty.


We can practice listening with our heart to hear the messages of our earth mother.


We can offer up prayers of gratitude to our beautiful planet, and bring her colors in to our personal environments to uplift us.

That is a Cottage Necessity.

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30 Days of Gratitude….day 22…

When Luna first came to us, she was just a baby.


My daughter and I were parked on the side of the road, when she ran out and across the street under the cars waiting at a stop light.

Shawna, who was sitting in the driver’s seat suddenly said, ” I have to go!” wth an immediate sense of urgency as the light had turned green and the cars were beginning to move.

She ran out, in front of the cars, standing in the middle of the crosswalk with her arms raised in a desperate attempt to stop the traffic from moving forward, as the tiny kitten zoomed across the street, jumping and landing in different spots.

As the by-standers caught on to what was happening, 5 people helped her catch the baby fur ball.

She returned back to where I was, clutching the baby kitten to her chest and sobbing from a deep place of fear for the little furry bundle that she now held safe in her loving arms.


Luna couldn’t have been much older than a week or two when we first brought “her” home.

“She” wasn’t taking to the food we put out, when I had the realization that we needed to nurse her with kitten baby formula and tiny baby bottles, as she had been orphaned to her natural mother.

“She” took the bottle right away.

I kept her in my bedroom for a month, as there was already an adult male cat in residence, and we weren’t sure how he would take to this new little invader of his territory .


As it turned out, there was no need for concern as Saturn was much wiser for his years than we could ever guess.

He was more than accommodating by tolerating Luna’s need to nurse, and showing more patience than I’ve ever witnessed in a feline.



Feline understanding;  this gesture needed no milk


He became her caretaker and mentor by scolding her whenever she stayed out too late and letting her know who was the alpha male.

As it turned out, upon our first visit to the veterinarian, Luna is a Larry!

The two boy cats have become the best of friends.

They are both hunters.  Saturn likes birds and Luna(r) likes hunting geckos.

They have developed such a strong bond and love playing cat and mouse, grooming each other, and just hanging out together.

Lunar is one year old now.  Being born at the time the sun was in Pisces, he has a gentle sweet nature, a silky soft coat of fur, and is very shy.


I’ve always felt that animals find us.

Before Lunar came into the household, Saturn seemed a little depressed.

He was a loner with a simple routine, living the life in Hawaii.  But something was missing.


Lunar brought a new purpose into his life and he’s a much happier cat.

Lunar also gave me comfort and joy during an emotional trial that I was experiencing .


Do you have an animal companion?

Animal companions are the best medicine.

They are here to offer us their love, and to teach us many of life’s lessons.

I am grateful for these beautiful creatures who are here to teach us how to love, how to be love, and how we are all One.








30 Days of Gratitude….Day 23…..


Each of us comes into our lives with a different set of circumstances.

Dear Ones,

When life is hard and we feel as if there’s no where to turn – our inner sanctuary is the best place to go…..


But how do we face that inner sanctuary when it is full of sadness, worry, thoughts of despair, anger, and loss?

The first thing to do is to become still, and be the observer of the passing thoughts and inner feelings of discord.


Thank those thoughts and feelings, acknowledge their presence as they are your teachers.

Take some long deep breaths, while focusing on the point between the eyebrows, and allow those feelings your full presence.

Let the tears flow.

Ask for a message that is contained in the feelings and wait.

You may receive an answer immediately, or your message will come in the nest few days or weeks.

Now just do the best you can to let go of those feelings.

Spend a few moments in Nature if possible and






Right now, at this moment, know that you are loved.

Feel the love expand in your heart

Now, you can express the gratitude you feel from your heart.

Your are becoming a more heart centered person with a connection to our earth mother.

Feel the gratitude that is your Divine right and express it in the world.

Peace ~